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Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) works to improve and expand the delivery of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery-support services throughout the state by working with multiple state agencies and organizations. SAPT staffs the Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership (ASAP) and its Workgroups and administers the Substance Abuse Epidemiological Work Group (SEOW) grant.

Established in June 2007, the Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership (ASAP) serves as the single statewide council on substance abuse prevention, treatment, enforcement and recovery. The ASAP brings together stakeholders at the federal, state, tribal and local levels to: improve coordination across state agencies; address identified gaps in prevention, treatment and enforcement efforts; and improve funding allocation. The ASAP utilizes data and practical expertise to develop effective methods for integrating and expanding services across Arizona in order to maximize available resources.

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